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Let us manage your businesses

Private Equity

Invest in private equity deals where we exclusively buy and manage passive income businesses. From dropshipping, affiliate marketing and much more. We handle everything and deposit the profits directly in to your chosen bank accounts.

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Our Process

Invest in our fund, or in individual deals

You can choose to add your capital into our private equity fund where we will invest it as we see fit into private equity deals, or you can invest directly into deals that are delivered to your inbox.


We Manage Everything, Including Growth

Our team have direct experience in business logistics, development and marketing. With our combined experience we will manage everything from the admin to the marketing and will grow the business you have a shareholding in to expand your ROI.


Receive a Payment From The Profits

As the business grows your profit will grow too. Regular payments will be paid out from the business’ profits directly into your bank account.


Your Very Own Account Manager

When invest in our private equity, you will receive a direct line to your very own account manager. This account manager will keep you updated on any deliverables needed from you, as well as any updates regarding the company. You'll be able to get all answers regarding your investment, and the company from your account manager.

Company Admin

All company admin is handled by our team. Your account manager will be in touch to break down any agreements that might need your signature.

Business Servicing

This is all handled by the SYRE team, for example, if the company is a dropshipping website then SYRE will handle all of the refunds, wholesaler and manufacturer concerns and quality assurance.

Legal Issues

We guarantee full company insurance, emphasised in the business plan. In the rare case of legal issues, SYRE collaborates with expert solicitors for prompt resolution.

Business Development

SYRE will actively work on expanding the business and growing the profit that the business produces. Our team are experienced in business development, digital marketing and have launched many start up companies.

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  • 2nd Priority Private Equity Deals
  • 15% Profit Fee
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  • 1st Priority Private Equity Deals
  • 5% Profit Fee
  • Forex Software Access
  • Full Member Benefits
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  • Real Estate Investment Deals
  • VIP Lounge Access
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