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Automated Forex Trading

Forex Trading Software

Up to 10% Average Month Gain. Invest From $500

SYRE operates three Forex Trading Softwares, known as expert advisors (EA’s). These three softwares trade our member’s funds with varying degrees of risk. Generally speaking, the higher the risk, the higher the reward.

Diversifying the risk means in turn, that we’re lowering the risk for our members, but we allow members to choose which softwares they want to invest in, as well as how they want to distribute their funds. We have clearly labelled each software based on its risk level, with low risk, medium risk and high risk softwares.

Stable & Realistic Gains

Don’t be sucked into unrealistic promises. In our opinion softwares consistently generating over 10% per month never tend to last longer than a few years before blowing the entire accounts. We believe, consistent gains over time will compound beyond any competitors gains, even if they are ahead of us in the short term.

Low Risk Avg. Monthly Returns


Medium Risk Avg. Monthly Returns


High Risk Avg. Monthly Returns


Fully Regulated, Lowest Spreads And Commissions Possible.

The US has different regulation requirements due to their rules around highly leveraged trading. As a result we have partnered with two brokers, one for our US members and one for our non-US members. Both of these brokers are fully regulated.

We have opted for the lowest possible commissions on the accounts accompanied by the lowest possible spreads. In other words, we focus on maximising the profits for our members.

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Access our complete range of tools with a low 5% profit fee. Relish VIP perks, advantages, and personalized investment options in our exclusive VIP lounge.