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SYRE Members Lounge

Meet other valuable business connections, or simply just make new friends that also see the value in earning a passive income. When your current friends are all working, and you've quit your day job because you no longer need to work a traditional 9-5, you'll realise how lonely it can be. SYRE is here to help with that.

Discord Community

Organised Meets

Where all of our members network.

Currently, all of SYRE’s members communicate in our Discord community. This is where you can raise support tickets, talk with the SYRE team, or meet and discuss business or investment opportunities with other members.

In the world of investments, your network is invaluable, and this community is designed to expand a valuable network around you.

Network in person

Meet other members in person and work on building valuable relationships at our organised events.

Note: We are focussing on growing our community currently, but will be organising events once our membership grows.

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VIP Members Lounge

Our VIP Members tend to be those with over six figures in invested assets.

Our VIP Members lounge is exclusively for those with a VIP membership. These tend to be members with higher net worth, more valuable connections, and live a passive income lifestyle.